Dry Disconnect Couplings

Coupleurs dry disconnect212

Anti-pollution couplers are designed for the rapid, leak-free connection and disconnection of flexible hoses of up to 8" in diameter.

Fully Interchangeable with other manufacturers, such as TODO-MATIC, OPW, ROMAN SELIGER etc..., Dry Disconnect Couplings are NATO Stanag 3756 and ATOFINA SGM 2049.TUY.C compatible .
They have approvals of the same type as provided by the major classification companies.

The male and female parts of the coupler have a spring mechanism which closes by means of a valve when the clamp units are disconnected. According to diameter, they are connected either by simple pressure or, for larger diameters, by a rotation of a quarter turn of one coupler in relation to the other.
Due to their ease of coupling and their complete lack of any leaks when connecting and disconnecting, these couplers are used for a multitude of dangerous or polluting fluids and gases (fuels, oils, chemical products, liquid soaps, acids etc.). A drain can be installed on the male part.

Main Features:
Dimensions : from 1 '' to 8 ''
Working pressure : 10 bar, 16 bar and 25 bars (150 Psi and 300 Psi)
Test pressure : 15 bar, 24 bar and 38 bar (225 Psi and 450 Psi)
Material : Aluminum, Bronze, Stainless steel, Titanium, Hastelloy, Peek
Seals : NBR, FPM, EPDM
Implantations : Male or female BSP or NPT, Flange ISO, ANSI, TW, EN

3/4 - Ø50 mm


Dry Disconnect 3/4" (Ø50 mm)

Coupleurs dry disconnect34 Material Maximum operating
Aluminum 16 bar/232 psi 24 bar/348 psi 80 bar/1160 psi
Brass 16 bar/232 psi 24 bar/348 psi 80 bar/1160 psi
Stainless steel 25 bar/363 psi 38 bar/544 psi 125 bar/1813 psi

Connections :
1/2" and 3/4 female BSP and NPT threads
Applications :
For industrial process plant, road and rail tankers, IBC containers, Pharmaceutical and Petrochemical industries etc.
Recommended for all types of mini bulk liquid product transfer, including container and drum filling, or on any application where spillage needs to be minimized.
Media :
Petroleum products : Gasolin, diesel, oil etc.
Chemical products : Ethylene Oxide, Propylene Oxide, Acrylonitrile, Butadiene, Ammonia, Vilyl Chloride, Toluene, Xylene, Sulphuric, Acid, Phenol etc.
Joints :
Joints standards en FPM (Viton®), EPDM, Chemraz®, Kalrez®, NBR (Nitrile).
Other materials on request.
High Flow Rates / Low Pressure Drop :
Allows maximum product transfer with minimal losses.
Recommended Maximum Flow Rated :
200 litres/minute.
Interchangeability :
Compatibility with other existing brands e.g. TODO-matic and Fulcrum couplings.
Selectivity :
Avoid mixing products : To avoid product contamination caused by connecting a hose unit to the wrong tank unit, selective versions of the hose and tank units are available.

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