Our comprehensive range of high-quality products to meet your industrial needs

Rubber hoses for industrial flexibles - TECALEMIT RCMH®

Our rubber hoses are designed to provide excellent flexibility and resistance in the most demanding industrial environments.
They are ideal for use in various applications, offering exceptional reliability and durability.

Tuyaux eau Tuyaux vapeur Tuyaux chimie Tuyaux marineTuyau air gaz Tuyau alimentaire Tuyaux PVC Gaine de protectionTuyaux hydrocarbures Tuyau securite civile tuyaux OffshoreTuyaux abrasifs Tuyau siderurgie Tuyaux onduleux inox

Industrial fittings - TECALEMIT RCMH®

We are committed to offering industrial fittings of the highest quality, designed to meet the specific needs of each industrial sector.

Flexible hoses and service fittings for air, water, nitrogen, and steam - TECALEMIT RCMH®

TECALEMIT RCMH® offers a range of flexible hoses and fittings for service fluids designed specifically for onshore and offshore industrial applications.

Fexible hose with ball latch mechanism coupling Flexible hose with CROWFOOT coupling Flexible hose with CAMLOCK coupling Flexibles hose with steam coupling BOSS™ SystemFlexibles hose with steam coupling NF EN 14423/2004

Hydraulic hoses, Protecalan secured flexible system - TECALEMIT FLEXIBLES®

The Protecalan secured flexible system offers an advanced solution for hydraulic applications.
Our hydraulic hoses are designed to withstand high pressures and ensure safe and reliable operation.
With Protecalan, you can have peace of mind regarding the safety and performance of your hydraulic equipment.

Tuyau hydraulique thermoplastique Tuyau hydraulique FKMTuyau hydraulique tresse textile Tuyau hydraulique PTFETuyau hydraulique tresse metallique ProtecalanTuyau hydraulique nappe metallique

Fittings & crimping sleeves for hydraulic hoses - TECALEMIT FLEXIBLES®

We offer a wide range of high-quality fittings and crimping sleeves for secure and reliable connection of your hydraulic hoses.
Our fittings are designed for easy installation and provide optimal sealing, ensuring optimal hydraulic performance.

S111 raccord hydraulique S111 raccord hydraulique S111 raccord hydraulique S111 raccord hydraulique S111 raccord hydraulique S701 raccord hydraulique S111 raccord hydraulique S791 raccord hydraulique 5093 raccord hydrauliqueS811 raccord hydraulique S921 raccord hydrauliqueraccords hydrauliques

Hydraulic adapters - TECALEMIT FLEXIBLES®

Our hydraulic adapters allow for connection of different types of fittings and hoses, offering great flexibility in your hydraulic systems.
With our adapters, you can customize and adapt your hydraulic configuration according to your specific needs.

Adapteur hydraulique JIC Adapteur hydraulique BSP Bouchon adapteur hydrauliqueAdapteur-hydraulique-BSP Adapteur-hydraulique-gaz-coniqueAdapteur-hydraulique-ORFS Adapteur-hydraulique-gaz-cylindriqueAdapteur-hydraulique-NPT Adapteur-hydraulique-valve-agricole

DIN 2353 & GAZ ring fittings for hydraulic tubes - TECALEMIT FLEXIBLES®

We offer a variety of DIN 2353 and GAZ ring fittings to ensure a reliable and leak-proof connection of your hydraulic tubes.
These fittings are widely used in industrial applications and offer exceptional resistance to vibrations and high pressures.

Union DIN2353 Coudes DIN2353 Banjo DIN2353 Bouchons DIN2353

Hydraulic couplers - TECALEMIT FLEXIBLES®

Our hydraulic couplers are designed to allow for quick and easy connections in hydraulic systems.
They provide secure and reliable sealing, facilitating the connection and disconnection operations.

Coupleurs hydrauliques visses avec taraudages selon DIN Coupleurs-hydrauliques-a-clapet-nterchangeables Coupleurs hydrauliques a clapets normes ISO A Coupleurs hydrauliques visses avec taraudages selon DIN

Hydraulic hoses equipped with reusable screw-on fittings - TECALEMIT FLEXIBLES®

Our hydraulic hoses equipped with reusable screw-on fittings offer a practical and versatile solution for your hydraulic piping needs.
They allow for easy and fast installation, while providing optimal performance and resistance to wear.


Our grease nipples are designed to ensure efficient lubrication of mechanical parts.
They guarantee precise distribution of grease, thus extending the lifespan of your equipment and reducing downtime.

Auto taraudant Droit Clapets de dechargeSix pans marine a capuchon Support de graisseurGraisseur LUB coude 90° Pompe a graisseAllonges Flexible graissage

Flexible pneumatic tubes, plan thermoformed, multitubes, connectors - TECALEMIT FLEXIBLES®

Our pneumatic tubes offer a flexible and versatile solution for your pneumatic applications.
They are designed to be flexible, allowing for easy installation and increased flexibility in configuring your systems.
Moreover, our tubes are plan thermoformed, meaning they are manufactured to precise specifications, ensuring optimal resistance and exceptional durability.

Tubes pneumatiques Manuril Tubes pneumatiques pvdf Monotubes multitubes Connecteurs pneumatiquesTubes pneumatiques ManulanTubes pneumatiques ManuclairTubes termoformes Conditionnement Tubes pneumatiques ptfe Tubes pneumatiques maluform Spirales preformesTuyaux chimieTubes pneumatiques ManuleneTubes pneumatiques Manuflex
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